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Behind the scenes - Making your Personalised Jewellery

Behind the scenes - Making your Personalised Jewellery

I've posted behind-the-scenes videos and photos before but I thought writing a blog post on it might be helpful in showing more detail. The process for creating each personalised piece takes time and patience. At times, things go wrong and the piece isn't up to standard. When this happens, I have to start again and the original piece is recycled. Below is the process from beginning to end.

Initial Discs and Findings in Sterling Silver

Sourcing Blanks, Chain and Findings

As a busy mother of 2 busy boys, I source all my blanks, chain and findings from artisan jewellers in the United States of America. They are a family run business who produce and wholesale Sterling Silver, 14K Gold Filled and 14K Rose Gold Filled jewellery supplies. The quality of their products is outstanding. Each blank is covered in a film to prevent scratches while being shipped. To find out about what Gold Filled is click here.

Sourcing finished discs and bars, chain and findings from overseas allows me to spend more time on the hand stamping, assembly, packaging and customer service aspects of my business.

Drill to drill holes into the blanks

Hand Stamping and Drilling

Once an order comes through, I print out the packing slip with all the information required to hand stamp the piece. I get my metal stamps out, brass head hammer, steel stamping block, tape, ruler, and pencil. 

I use the tape to secure the disc or bar on the steel block. After lining up with required lettered or numbered metal stamp, I use the hammer and hit the stamp. This process requires a lot of practice. Stamping too hard can cause the letter or number to be too thick and deep. Stamping too softly can mean the letter or number doesn't even show on the metal. 

After hand stamping the initial, name, design or phrase onto the piece, holes are drilled at the required place. Two holes on the sides for bracelets and the name bar necklace and one hole for hanging pendant necklaces and earrings.

Hand Cleaning

The metal stamps have a layer of grease on them to protect them from rusting and this can transfer onto the disc or bar. I hand clean each piece after the hand stamping process. I use a soft toothbrush with some soapy water to gently clean every piece, ensuring the edges are also sparkling clean.

Once the pieces are cleaned, they are then polished up with a Hagerty polishing cloth. This gives that extra shine!

Assembling an order of a disc necklace

Making the Jewellery Piece

With all the stamped pieces cleaned, I am ready to assemble the Jewellery. For necklaces and bracelets, I cut the desired length of chain and add on jump rings, clasps and extender chain as necessary. The tools used for this process involves 2 x flat nose pliers, chain cutters and a bracelet bending tool. 

Securing the jump rings can be tricky. Using the pliers, I need to wiggle them back and forth to ensure the rings are seamlessly and tightly closed. Once they are closed, they are secure.

Packaging with True Impressions Gold foiled gift box


True Impressions packaging involves many pieces. Every personalised piece is carefully attached to a card which is wrapped in anti-tarnish tissue paper. It is then inserted into a gold foiled True Impressions gift box. The gift box is placed inside a postal box along with a jewellery care card, complimentary polishing cloth and a sweet treat. This is all wrapped up in a deep green tissue paper and tied off with jute string.

I really wanted opening the package to be special for everyone and I've had a lot of feedback that customers LOVE the packaging and box opening experience.


Once the courier picks up the parcels, it usually takes just a day or two to arrive at the recipient. Fast shipping is important to me and I know that it is to the customers as well! 

I love creating these timeless and meaningful pieces of jewellery for people who cherish them. I make each piece with a lot of love and care. I appreciate the support of every individual customer. I love hearing your stories behind the pieces you order. I am committed to helping you celebrate your story, one piece at a time.