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Jewellery Trends for Autumn and Winter 2022

Jewellery Trends for Autumn and Winter 2022

Ready for 5 Trends for the upcoming Autumn and Winter 2022 Season? There are so many fantastic and fun trends this season but below are just a few. The main theme is fun and personal. Everyone has different tastes but these trends allow for so much experimenting and variety.

With the covid-19 Pandemic slowly becoming a part of life, people are wanting to get out and pile on the accessories. Life is short, so get dressed up, go out and have fun!

1. Charm Bracelets

Just like last season, charm bracelets continue to rock the runway. The idea is being able to personalise a piece of jewellery with charms at represent something special to the wearer. 

Hand stamped Jewellery is perfect for this. With a variety of designs available, you are able to choose exactly what belongs on your bracelet. Adding on charms to your piece is also a possibility whether it is from the same store or another. Check out the collections we have to start your own charm jewellery.

2. Mixed Metals

Are you team Gold or Silver? Good news. In 2022, you can be both. We are seeing a lot of mixed metals this year in the form of rings, bracelets, necklaces and even earrings. 

Try pairing your favourite metal colour with a new one and see how it looks. Most metals look great together and can really make a statement when done well. You can personalise your jewellery at True Impressions but adding on discs or bars of a different metal colour. 

3. Hoops

Hoops are here to stay! From huggie hoops to chunky styles, these are a classic and are still very much on trend. Try adding multiple hoops to your ears in varying sizes and styles. True Impressions has beautifully simple endless hoops that really are a staple for your ears. Work, Sleep and play in these comfortable earrings.

4. Florals

Florals in Autumn and Winter you may ask? Yes! Even when spring is long behind us, florals remain. Large flowers attached to choker chains or even worn on the wrist like the old school corsages are all the rage. 

Mixing fabric flowers with metal flowers as well as varying sizes will look great. Our florals range is a good start if you are a bit hesitant to try this trend. Choose floral hoop earrings, a charm bracelet or a floral necklace.

5. Playful mixed with Modern Elegance

Nostalgia is sticking around with colourful statement pieces similar to that of the 80s and early 90s. "More is More" comes into effect with this trend. Pair up some playful necklaces, earrings and bracelets with more delicate and elegant items. 

Novel designs like smiley faces, hearts and whimsy flowers are adorable. Our novel 'sun' necklace is so cute and can be really playful on its own or mixed with colourful pieces.

After the last two years of lockdowns and dealing with the Covid Pandemic, people are wanting to dress up again and go out! So get on your best outfit, accessorise and head out the door. 

Photo by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash