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How to Layer Necklaces - 5 Easy Tips

How to Layer Necklaces - 5 Easy Tips

I am sure you have seen some gorgeous layered styles around lately. Layering necklaces and chains are a real TREND at the moment. Using necklaces and layering chains to frame the face and highlight our beautiful smiles is what it is all about.

There is a formula on how to layer necklaces, so to speak, but everyone is different and if you find a style you like, go for it. You do you!

Using statement necklaces also can highlight your smile, but layering necklaces can give a lighter and more casual look. Unlike statement necklaces, layering isn't just a one and done. You can't just throw on a necklace and head out the door. It actually does involves some thought around it.

On posting about layering a few months ago, I thought I would write this blog on how to layer necklaces. I hope the tips below are helpful to you in some way.

Easy Tips for Layering

1. Start with 2-4 necklaces.

Starting with just 2-4 necklaces means that you can layer it up without getting the chains all tangled. It is also just the right amount to avoid looking 'messy.'

2. Layer at different lengths.

Layer each chain at a different length so you can fill up the space. Keep the distance between each chain roughly the same.

3. Mix and match chain styles.

This is where you can get super creative. Layer more dainty chains with chunkier ones. Vary the textures of the chains. This adds interest to the overall look.

4. Pick a focal point.

A good place to start is with a disc or coin pendant. You can see a few options here. 

Add on a choker or a thicker chain necklace. I love the Ava Chain Necklace which can be both a choker or a longer chain. The links are larger than our regular chains and have a drawn cable link. Ava is such a lovely addition to a layered look.

Another option is adding a beaded necklace which can also give a pop of colour and texture.

5. It's easier to stick with the same metal colour.

Sticking with one colour like GOLD or SILVER can be easier. Mixing metals can work too but can be a bit harder to get it right. Either way, if you like how it looks, go for it.

Some of my favourite layering necklaces

How to do Layered Chains and Necklaces

Ava Chain Necklace is a bolder link chain - True Impressions

Satellite Chain Necklace

Satellite Chain Necklace is a subtle chain with little beads - True Impressions

Necklaces from Vania

Beaded Necklaces - Vania

No doubt you have seen layered necklaces while you've been out and about. The necklaces we have here are initial necklaces, name necklaces, date necklaces and design necklaces. Each one is personalised and can be meaningful to the person ordering it. Layering these pieces with other chains create a stylish and trendy look as well as wearing your story, which we love!!