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Why We Love Name Necklaces

Why We Love Name Necklaces

Name necklaces aren't a new thing. People have been making and wearing name necklaces for a few decades. Many people think name necklaces are a bit cliché or kitsch. Others truly value their name and the meaning behind it. Why are name necklaces so special? I've asked a few friends of True Impressions and here is what they have to say.

Alice Bar Name Necklace NZ

Alice - @that.plastering.girl

"I chose to get my name on my bar necklace as a reminder to not get swept away by the labels of being a mother and the weight of responsibility, I'm still me and I have my own interests and individuality in life. It's a reminder to not lose myself."

Israel Name Necklace NZ - True Impressions

Chelsea - @theminiaturemama

"I love my bar necklace as it has my sons name on it. It is particularly special when I wear it when he's not around, it's like he's always there with me. I love when people ask me what is on my necklace because I can proudly say it's for my son. I'm a very sentimental person so a bar necklace is perfect for me."

Name Necklaces NZ -Charlie and Millie Necklace

Sarah - Customer

"I love the name necklace because it’s a little reminder of my two beautiful children that I can wear everyday. When I see it, it makes me smile because I think of them. Plus it goes great with my “mum uniform” of jeans and a shirt!" 

Tamlyn - True Impressions

For me, my name necklaces are about holding close what is dear to me. I have a name necklace with my children's names. I also have a necklace that has my name and my husbands name on it. These are the people who are closest to me. They remind me that I am needed and valued as a mother and wife. 

So, whether it is your name or your loved ones name, these name necklaces are sure to express your individuality and unique identity. It's never just a name. There is a whole lot of deeper and psychological meaning as to why people wear their name but we won't go into that now. 

At any rate, more than ever before name necklaces are available in so many different styles. There are the chunky hip hop styled names on thick chains, there are names made out of bent wire and attached to a chain. True Impressions has a minimal style focusing on the meaning behind each piece as opposed to making a statement, although they sure do stand out!

To see all the name necklace we have to offer, CLICK HERE. What you decide to have hand stamped on your name necklace is a personal choice and that's what makes it truly unique.