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The Essential Guide to Stacking Rings

The Essential Guide to Stacking Rings

Stacking rings aren't just a stack of pretty shiny things, they can express our individuality. When choosing rings to stack there are a few guidelines to remember, after all we don't want to look like a child who has raided their mothers jewellery drawer. Below are some tips and tricks when it comes to stackable rings.

How many rings should I get?

Well, this is personal preference but we say more rings than fingers is best! Stacking rings on one finger can give a bolder look. You may want to play with different styles but also different metals. It's all about what YOU think looks best.

A good place to start is 3 rings. You can layer them all on one finger, perhaps the middle finger. If you like the style, you can get more to add on other fingers. Of course, it will all depend on the size of the stacking ring on which finger you can put it on.

Does stacking rings damage them?

No but you will want to stick to the same kind of metal. For example if you are choosing 14K gold and then you add on an 18K ring, then you may get a few scratches on the 18K due to it being a slightly softer metal. So as a rule of thumb, try stick with the same hardness of metals. 

This doesn't have to stop you from mixing colours. If you look after your rings, they will look after you and give you many many years of wear.

How do I layer the rings?

You may have tried layering stacking rings and given up because it didn't look right. Well it's all about trial and error. A key guideline is to choose ONE finger to make the focus. For example, you might stack your middle finger with 3-5 rings, then you add one or two more simple ones on your ring finger and leave the there fingers black. 

If you'd like to have a ring on every finger, keeping it simple might be best so you don't have an 'over crowded' look. I am a fan of have a thicker ring on the pointer finger, then a 3 ring stack on the middle finger and a simple round ring on the pinky. I think they looks really refined and polished. Of course, you may have a different way of stacking your rings.

Stacking Rings in Silver

Can I stack different metals and textures?

Absolutely, as mentioned before some metals are softer than others and can scratch up if pair with harder metals. If you keep the rings in the same family, for eg 14K Gold and Rose Gold then you won't see damage.

When it comes to texture, if you are feeling bold definitely add on various textured rings and even some bling if you want. It all adds to a distinctive and individual look. You are the master of your ring stack.

How can I match my stacking rings?

Matching is easy. Try choosing a thicker/textured ring to start with and then stack with more simple and plain rings. This creates a focus without appearing too 'busy.' You don't have to match the left hand with the right either. If you have a ring on your left pointer finger then maybe leave the right pointer finger bare. 

Stacking rings in different textures and widths in gold

Get Creative!

I can't stress this enough, every hand can wear stacking rings! It is all up to personal choice and individuality. The best part of stacking rings is you never have to wear them in the same order, swap them up and you have a different look with the same bands.

I hope you are having fun stacking your rings, if you have any questions or need to ask any advice, please get in touch with me at