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What is Rose Gold and how it made?

What is Rose Gold and how it made?

Rose Gold has been around for a very long time but like most trends, has come in and out of style over the years. Most people have heard of Rose Gold before but what is it and how is it made? Is it even real gold? Is it as durable as yellow gold? I’ll answer all those questions in this article.

What is Rose Gold and how is it made?

Rose Gold is a precious metal that does indeed contain real gold. The amounts of gold vary depending on the Karat you want. For example, 14K Rose Gold and 14K Yellow gold have the exact same amount of pure gold as each other, about 58%. It is the other alloys that are mixed in with the gold that vary between yellow and rose gold.

See image below:

Description of the amount of pure gold in yellow gold, rose gold and white gold.

The amount of copper in Rose gold is at a higher percentage which gives it that beautiful rose colour. In comparison, yellow gold has more silver then rose gold so shows up as the more traditional colour of gold. Both options are equally as precious and valuable. 

As mentioned in another article, it is best to use gold mixed with other metals for jewellery making as it is more durable than solid 24K Gold.

Is Rose Gold durable?

Yes, it is! With proper care, your rose gold piece can last a lifetime. Rose Gold doesn’t tarnish like silver does so you will have a beautiful piece of jewellery without too much work. Due to the copper content, rose gold can darken over many years wear. This darkening can create a vintage look which many people love. People even go so far as to seek out that vintage look that comes with an older piece of rose gold. They look better with age.

14K Rose Gold is not only durable but very affordable. I used Rose Gold-filled which is a solid layer on top and on the bottom of a core metal like brass. Chances are, in a lifetime, you will never see the core material as the layer is quite thick.

Will Rose Gold suit me? 

Rose Gold will suit almost anyone. The softness of the colour looks great on darker and lighter skin tones. You can also pair up rose gold with other coloured metals like silver and white gold. They complement each other very well.

Layering up different metal colours are on trend right now, so give it a go and experiment.

If you’d like to know more about how gold-filled material is made, check out my other blog on “What is Gold-filled?”