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Which jewellery tones suit your skin best?

Which jewellery tones suit your skin best?

This is a matter of entirely personal preference, in my opinion. You shouldn’t be told which is better suited to you. Some people choose to wear silver, gold and rose-gold tones. Some people even like to mix metals. It is true, some metals can really make your eye colour POP or illuminate your skin tone. Jewellery will accentuate your beauty, never diminish it.

If you are really unsure which metal suits your skin best, then follow these tips to help you decide. Just bear in mind, it really is just a suggestion, and you should wear whatever makes you feel fabulous.

Fair Skin with red undertones

Steer clear of rose gold as it will only make the pink undertone in your skin stand out. Silver can look very fresh on very pale skin, especially on those who have pale or blonde hair.

Fair Skin with pale undertones

Try go for a 9K or 14K Gold rather then an 18K gold which could make your skin look pasty. Silver is also a great choice for this skin tone.

Lightly Tanned, Olive or Mediterranean

You can pretty much wear any metal you like. Yellow Gold, Rose gold and silver will look flattering on you.

Arabic, Fair African, Dark African

Again, any metal will look striking on you. Silver can get a bit lost depending on the size of the piece. Gold looks super flattering on this skin tone.

South-east Asian

Classic gold on Asian skin is so beautiful. Rose gold also brings out the warmth in this skin tone.

Does hair colour play a role?

Yes, it can be a big part of whether you go for silver, gold or rose gold. If you go from blonde to brunette, you’ll find you may need a change in metal colour and freshen up your jewellery pieces. Sometimes a change in hair colour makes a certain metal become much more striking than before.

Does eye colour play a role?

Eye colours is much more connected to the type of stones or coloured parts of a piece then the actual metal itself. Amber eye colours are dazzling with amethyst stones. For pale eyes, blue or green stones like emeralds or sapphires or are just perfect. Darker stone colours like garnets against hazel and brown eyes are very alluring.

Can you mix metal colours?

Totally! Back in the day it was frowned upon to mix metals but these days it’s viewed as very modern and daring. Go for it!

You wear jewellery on the skin so it really should feel significant in some way. The best choice of jewellery should have significance for you, whether it’s for a special occasion, to mark a personal achievement or from a lover.

So, if you want to follow these guidelines, go for it. If not, you just get the tone that makes you feel the best. It is all relative to how we feel about ourselves in the end. Jewellery is supposed to be fun so experiment with it. Jewellery is add-on to your beauty.

Remember, if the piece is special, the wearer will radiate beauty no matter the metal. Click here to see why Personalised Jewellery makes a great gift.

Photo by RF._.studio from Pexels